For most, breakfast is an important meal to get right--a healthy breakfast can work wonders for waking you up, providing lasting energy for a productive morning, curbing cravings and hunger (and consequent bingeing), and offering a yummy, pleasurable thing to look forward to each morning. But when we're busy, breakfast can be an

Rumblings about the benefits of plant-based diets have been getting louder over the last few years. From environmental friendliness to impressive health benefits, the arguments for plant-based eating are indeed compelling. But what does plant-based eating even mean? What does the research show? And how would one start eating plant-based? Whether you’re ready

Daily life has changed a lot over the last 2 weeks. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are working from home, limiting contact with other people, stocking up on food and supplies, and trying hard to minimize the fear and anxiety that so readily overwhelm our thoughts. While social

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of a “false choice” — a choice between two things that you assume are mutually exclusive but really aren’t. As an example, you might say, “I can go to the gym, or I can go to my doctor’s appointment.” Even if the

For everyone who is too busy to exercise, it's time to reevaluate how you think about exercise. Reframing Exercise Exercise as a tool to maximize time I think most people accept that there are numerous benefits to exercise—weight loss, reduced risk of chronic disease, physical strength increases, alleviated symptoms of anxiety and depression, and

Ever wish there was a magic pill to get healthy? Well, there's something pretty close. I came across an article a while back about a powerful therapeutic called “Iloccor-B.” Multiple studies demonstrate that this therapeutic reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases (from hypertension to Alzheimer’s), repairs DNA damage, improves digestion

Challenges of Sticking to Healthy Habits Let's face it--we all struggle to stick to healthy habits. Do any of the following sound familiar? “I’ve tried so many different things, and NOTHING works. I feel like there’s something wrong with me.”“I can’t seem to stick to healthy habits. I keep trying things, and I

How do you feel about carbs? Love them? Hate them? A little bit of both? Like most things in nutrition, carbs are a heated topic, and with that heat comes a lot of confusion and frustration among the general public.So, let’s clear things up: not all carbs are bad. The bad stuff: refined carbohydrates What: Sugar

Imagine this scenario: Eager to better your health and well-being, you decide to improve your diet. You’re a few weeks in, and you’re doing pretty well — you’ve been avoiding junk, cooking more, and making healthier choices overall. And then this happens